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Selected discography:

In the following paragraphs, we will find a list of CD`S and DVD`S that can serve as a introductory guide to the world of Spanish guitar. The choice is obviously subjective, even more so given the amount of footage that exists of excellent quality.
It's been given some priority to the discs and videos that the buyer can acquire more easily. Anyway, sometimes it's not so easy to find some recordings because many of these are dated back several years ago. Sometimes you can find in the form of a reissue, or some "collection" of dubious origin.
I tried to avoid overlapping with many recordings of these works, although it is sometimes inevitable and even interesting, to conduct a comparative hearing.
Also I tried that in these discs may be found many of the most significant works of the repertoire of the guitar.
Today thanks to the Internet, we can enjoy an incredible amount of videos (as well as recordings, sheet music, books, etc.)but for the moment is usually much better material acquired its format for commercialization (best audio and video).
In the case of recordings of "Flamenco Guitar" and "Guitar of Argentina" are mentioned discs where the guitar appears as a solo or camera instrument.
In the sung flamenco music, folklore and Argentine tango, our tool also has great role, but there were virtually no examples in the list, as this is beyond the scope of this work. It seemed appropriate to make any comment at least some records, and mention that guitar were recorded, should have such information.


Classical Guitar:

Andres Segovia

- EMI Recordings (1927-1939) vol. 1 and 2 - CAPITOL 61048/49 Historic recordings of very good quality sound - guitar: Manuel Ramirez / Santos Hernandez
- Segovia Collection Vol 5 Five Centuries of Spanish Guitar - MCA 42071
- Segovia Collection Vol 8 Castelnuovo-Tedesco - 10,056

Julian Bream

- Twentieth-Century Guitar I - Julian Bream Edition - RCA / BMG
- Granados and Albéniz - Julian Bream Edition - RCA / BMG
A Vision "impressionist" of these two great Spanish composers of the piano - guitar
José Romanillos
- Popular Classics for Spanish Guitar
- Julian Bream and Friends - Julian Bream Edition- RCA / BMG
- Classical Guitar - Julian Bream Edition - RCA / BMG
Classical period of guitar music, with the romantic view of this phenomenal musician-
Guitar: David Rubio

John Williams

- Spanish Guitar Music - SONY SBK 89,837
The "hits" of Spanish guitar music in compelling versions of a young John Williams -
Guitar: Ignacio Fleta
- The Baroque Album - CBS MK 44,518
includes the famous "Chaconne" of J. S. Bach - Guitar:Greg Smallman
- Vivaldi Concertos - SONY SK 46,556
Excellent recording quality. Participate in a concert the american guitarist Benjamin
Verdery - Guitar: Greg Smallman
- John Williams Plays Barrios - SONY SK 64,396
Most of the material on this record, had already been recorded by Williams himself in
1975, generating an appreciation of this great composer guitarist - on that occasion
was Ignacio Fleta guitar, in this case, Greg Smallman
- The Black Decameron - SONY SK 63,173
emblematic works of Leo Brouwer - Guitar: Greg Smallman
- El diablo suelto - SONY SK 90,451
Music of Venezuela - guitar: Greg Smallman
- The Guitarrist - SONY SK 60,586
The title plays on the double sense. "Guitarist" is a clarification to differentiate from
the well known composer and film music. The disc contains, among other things a
work written by theguitarist, and a version of Koyumbaba of Dominicone - guitar:
Greg Smallman

Narciso Yepes

- Romance D `Amour - Deutsche Grammophon 423699-2
- Domenico Scarlatti Sonata - Deutsche Grammophon 413783-2
- Francisco Tarrega:Recuerdos de la Alhambra - DG 410655-2

All these recordings have been made with a ten strings guitar - luthier: Paulino Bernabe, with the "pitch" of Yepes (7 º do, 8th B flat, A flat 9th, 10th G-flat)

Pepe Romero, Angel Romero

- Villa-Lobos and Castelnuovo-Tedesco Concerts PHILIPS 416357-2
Excellent version with impeccable orchestra "Academy of St.Martin in the Fields
Pepe Romero with whom he recorded most of the concert repertoire for guitar and
- Giuliani - Complete Guitar Concertos - DUO PHILIPS 454262-2
All concerts by Mauro Giuliani and several of his finest works for solo guitar, by
Pepe Romero
- The Rodrigo Collection - CD + DVD PHILIPS 4756545
Also listed in paragraph DVD `S, contains a documentary about the composer
Joaquin Rodrigo, and recordings of several concerts for guitar, including the
"Concierto de Aranjuez "
- La Paloma - PHILIPS 432102-2
Latin American Works by Pepe Romero

- Works For Solo Guitar - Rodrigo RCA / BMG 09026 68767-2
Precious versions "Spanish" Rodrigo's works for solo guitar by Angel Romero
- Concierto de Aranjuez / Fantasia para un Gentilhomme EMI
Angel Romero`s 17 years old recorded with director André Previn and the London Philharmonic orchestra.

To recorded these iconic records in all these, used guitars belonging to the authorship of Miguel Rodriguez

Eduardo Fernández

- Legnani, Giuliani, etc..DECCA 414160-2
A sample of the best virtuoso of the classical period / Romantic
- Villa-Lobos & Ginastera - DECCA 414616-2
Many of the works for solo guitar by Heitor Villa-Lobos and an excellent rendition of
Alberto Ginastera's Sonata.

In all guitar recordings used is the luthier Daniel Friederich

David Russell

- Handel, Bach, Scarlatti - GHA 126,006
Incredible harpsichord transcriptions and works for flute and harpsichord - guitar:
John Gilbert
- Plays Baroque Music - Over 80,559 TELARC
Guitar transcriptions of baroque period - guitar: Matthias Dammann
- Renaissance Favorites - The TELARC 80,659
The guitar renaissance "hits" - instrument: Matthias Dammann

Manuel Barrueco

- Albéniz & Turina EMI 7243 5 66574 2 7
Full transcript of the Suite op. 47, Isaac Albeniz and the complete works for solo
guitar of composer Joaquin Turina - Guitar: Robert Ruck
- Manuel Barrueco - Bach Sonatas EMI 7243 5 56416 2 5

Various Artists:

- Kazuhito Yamashita - Pictures at an Exhibition Controversy RCA transcript of this incredible piano work by Mussorgsky. At times the effects seem to hear the orchestral version of Maurice Ravel - Guitar: Jose Ramirez III

- Göran Söllscher - Bach Works for Lute Vol 1 and 2 - DG 410643-2 DG 413719-2 sober and refined versions of the complete work for lute by JS Bach - guitar: Georg Bolin (11 strings)

- Eduardo Isaac - The Four Seasons - GHA 126,038 Piazzolla and other composers of the twentieth century in excellent versions - guitar: Dominique Field
- Eduardo Isaac - One for Helen - 126,056 GHA Works Modern jazz classics transcribed for Spanish guitar, with the participation of Badi Assad - Guitar: Dominique Field

- Alvaro Pierri - Brouwer - Analecta - Brouwer under the interpretation of AlvaroPierri
Guitars: Daniel Friederich
- Alvaro Pierri - Villa-Lobos - Analecta - Very personal and charming versions of the work of Villa-Lobos - Guitar: Daniel Friederich

- Stephan Schmidt - Maurice Ohana - ASTREE E 8513 The complete works of music composed by Maurice Ohana, 10-string guitar.


- Ida Presti & Alexandre Lagoya - The Early Years - 3 cd `s PHILIPS 446213-2 The guitar duo of the twentieth century's most famous covers various works

- Bream & Williams - Together - RCA / BMG 09026 61450-2 Two great guitarists with diametrically opposed personalities come together to show that "everything is possible" - guitars: José Romanillos and Ignacio Fleta

- Bream & Williams - Together Again - RCA / BMG 09026 61452-2 Idem, with more works in the repertoire of the duo

- Paganini / Giuliani - Itzhak Perlman (violin) and John Williams CBS MK 34,508, the most famous recording, and one of the first, works for violin and guitar of these composers. No less than with Itzhak Perlman - guitar: Ignacio Fleta

- Sergio and Odair Assad Plays Piazzolla - Nonesuch The play "Tango Suite" and others, with the participation of Argentine violinist Suarez Paz - guitars: Thomas Humphrey
- Assad Brothers - Latin American Music -- Nonesuch 7559 79116-2 Guitars: Thomas Humphrey


- The Romeros - Carmen Suite - PHILIPS 412609-2 Spanish music transcribed for the formation of 4 guitars

- Los Angeles Guitar Quartet - For Thy Pleasure Delos DE 3205 Great "classics baroque" transcribed.

Flamenco Guitar

- Paco de Lucia - Live in Royal Theater
- Paco de Lucia - Live One Summer Night / Sextet
- Paco de Lucia - Almoraima - Universal 832022-2
It is difficult to choose between the vast discography of Paco de Lucia (Fantasia
Flamenca - El Duende Flamenco - Fuente y Caudal - Playing Manuel de Falla - Solo
quiero caminar - Castro Marin - Siroco - Zyriab - Concierto de Aranjuez - Lucia - to
name some of his solo albums).
In these three discs is a representative sample of the artistry of this musician, surely
one of the greatest twentieth-century Spanish musicians - guitar: Conde Hermanos

- Friday Night in San Francisco / De Lucia, DiMeola & McLaughlin CK 37,152
The more commercial record success of instrumental guitar history. Reason enough to
include, but not longer a rarity in this discography. Has impacted generations of
guitarists. Flamenco guitar and Ovation acoustic guitars with the type of metal and
nylon strings

- Sabicas - Flamenco Puro One of the most representative albums of flamenco guitar

- Manolo Sanlucar - Tauromagia Another big guitar, a contemporary of Paco de Lucia
Guitar: José Ramirez

- Paco Peña - Fabulous Flamenco / La Guitarra Flamenca - Flamenco guitar 4756151
DECCA more traditional, finely represented - guitar: Gerundino Fernández

- Masters of Flamenco Guitar Vol 1 to 6 - Planet Records 1001/10 The ability to listen to greatest flamenco guitarists in history

- Vicente Amigo - De mi corazón al aire - SONY

Guitar music of Argentina

- Eduardo Falú - 60 minutes with E Falú - PHILIPS 512688-2 Several of the most popular Eduardo Falú.

- Eduardo Falú and the Camerata Bariloche - PHILIPS 812287-2 Meeting of the renowned guitarist and chamber orchestra of Argentina, Argentina and running Jeromita Suite Guastavino Linares - Guitar:Ignacio Fleta

- Cacho Tirao - Adios Nonino - Microphone C-47 A selection of transcripts of famous tangos and some other pieces, with the extraordinary virtuosity of this great guitarist - Guitar: Roger Caramés

- Atahualpa Yupanqui - Complete works for guitar played by Carlos Martinez - 6 CDs - Acqua records - Specialist Carlos Martinez collected all his own works for solo guitar by Don Ata and all versions of music that was from different places.

- Victor Villadangos - Guitar music of Argentina Vol.1 Beautiful selection NAXOS 8555058 guitar music of these lands - Guitar: Osvaldo Bragán

- Victor Villadangos - Tango Argentino - 8555721 NAXOS music selection River Plate, transcribed for solo guitar

- María Isabel Siewers - Santorsola - Guitar Works A Uruguayan composer (neighbor and culturally closely related to Argentina) - Guitar: Greg Smallman

- Juan Falú - Live Concert, recorded in the city of Vendome (France) with some extra shots - Guitar: Francisco Estrada Gomez

- Jorge Cardoso - South American authors - DIAL 96,514

- Juanjo Dominguez - Mis Tangos Preferidos - EPSA 17,146

- Grela - Federico - Hombres de Tango - Music Hall


Classical Guitar

- Andrés Segovia - The Song of the Guitar
- Andres Segovia - In Los Olivos
- John Williams - The Seville Concert - SONY / BMG / KULTUR D 4180
- Julian Bream - Guitar! - KULTUR D 0067
- Julian Bream - My Life In Music - MoE 002
- Pepe Romero - Concierto de Aranjuez / Shadows and Light - Philips 4756545
- The Romeros - The Royal Family of the Guitar
- Angel Romero - Concierto Antillano
- Eduardo Fernández -- Concierto de Aranjuez
- Ana Vidovic - Guitar Virtuoso - Mel Bay MB 21,186
- Kaori Muraji - Contrasts
- LAGQ Live (Los Angeles Guitar Quartet) - 21,047 MB Mel Bay

Flamenco Guitar

- Paco de Lucia - Light and Shade / A Portrait - Art Haus 100,205 - Paco de Lucia - Francisco Sanchez Gomez - Universal AY3000 documentary about her life and filming of the Concierto de Aranjuez and other works

- Videos of "Encuentro Productions"

Guitar in Argentina

- Argentina, land of guitars - 0778-10 EPSA - Documentary about the Festival
"Guitarras del Mundo" which currently takes place in all corners of the Argentine territory.