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Musicians featuring on the CD

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- 1 La Cuartelera - Zamba - Tradicional/recopilación Eduardo Falú
- 2 Milonga de Pampa y Cielo Víctor Velázquez
- 3 Canto popular Nº 1 Carlos Guastavino
- 4 Misionerita - Galopa Lucas Braulio Areco
- 5 Cuando se dice Adiós - Zamba Eduardo Falú
- 6 La nadita - Chacarera Atahualpa Yupanqui
- 7 Estilo Pampeano Abel Fleury
- 8 Buscando la huella - Chacarera Sebastián Sierra
- 9 La Vieja - Chacarera Hermanos Díaz
- 10 Romanza, de la serie "Imágenes" Carlos Aguirre
- 11 Cueca la diagonal Juan Falú
- 12 Octubre - Chamamé Ernesto Méndez
- 13 Alfonsina y el Mar - Zamba Ariel Ramírez
- 14 Quejas de Bandoneón Juan de Dios Filiberto
- 15 El Chaná - Tango Julio Sagreras
- 16 Palomita blanca - Vals A. Aieta/F.G. Jiménez
- 17 A Horacio Icasto - Tango Rafael Nicolau
- 18 Pagina de Radio - Milonga Máximo Pujol
- 19 Milonga de un entrevero Carlos Moscardini
- 20 Verano Porteño - Tango Astor Piazzolla
- 21 Sonata - Primer movimiento Fernando Maglia
- 22 La Sonrisa - Milonga/Choro Claudio Ceccoli
- 23 El Antigal - Zamba Petrocelli-Nieva-Toro
- 24 Oración por todos Agustín Barrios

CD - La Guitarra Mágica
Review of the argentine guitar.

In order to download it use the key inside the book.

This material attempts to show some of the immense possibilities of expression that has the music of Argentina, through the guitar.
Tango, traditional folklore and projection, academic music and the role of the guitar as accompanist to the popular song and member of folk-music, embodied through the participation of those great guys who love music and your instrument.
I've prefered to choose a representative sample of music, with a more "popular" style than "academic", but there are plenty of very good musicians who are devoted to playing classical music.
Works like Sonatas or Alberto Ginastera, Carlos Guastavino, have remained outside the selection, as there are many good versions available, no sense sections for inclusion in this material.
I have a wish: that this virtual CD and trigger acts as a motivator of interest to readers looking for more music by Argentina.

About folk and academic musicians

The instrumental technique used in the guitar determines the expression of the artist, perhaps more than what happens in any other instrument.
The guitar is very permeable to pressing and mechanism of each musician, known to influence the musical discourse that he possesses.
So many times, a popular piece becomes transformed into another work depending on whether you run a guitar "folk" or an "academic".
This, today, is not judgmental, as we know that each accomplished musician, if your art is permitted, show a different facet of the same play to the delight of the listener.
The popular musician "say" becomes the central concern (consider that in many cases the performer himself is the author interpreting the works), while the discourse of the guitar is usually academic, generally speaking, more "balanced".
Guitar in the folklore and Argentine tango are many "licks" characteristic, where the most common use of "portamento" and "vibrato" of various types, as well as various strums and blows.

For more information see the CD booklet.


Carlos Cabral (1-23)
Carlos Martínez (2-3-4)
Carlos Roldan (5-6)
Sebastián Sierra (7-8)
Silvana Saldaña y Javier Bravo (9)
Jorge Santos (10-12)
Pablo Uccelli 11-14-19)
Juan Falú (13)
Walter Ujaldón (15)
Cabulero dúo (Leandro Nikitoff/Darío Barozzi) (16)
Alejandro Caputo (17)
Joshua Bavaro (18)
Ariel Osuna (20-21)
Claudio Ceccoli (22)
Masao Tanibe (24)