Ricardo Louzao - 2014


I was born in 1966 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
With a musical and technical background I started building a flamenco guitar for my own, with Rodolfo Cucculleli´s guide.
What started as a hobby, evolved till it became my main activity.
Today all my efforts are dedicated to lutherie and guitars.

I've participated in several radio programs dedicated to the classical guitar, as a special guest and radio announcer also. ("Algo de Guitarra" and "Guitarra a la carta").

The activity for spread out the guitar and lutherie always took and takes an important place on my schedule, working as an educator (ad honorem), advising lutherie schools, free seminars in conservatories, universities, national and international tuition.

In 2010 I published the guide book "La Guitarra Mágica" (The Magic Guitar) oriented for guitarists, luthiers amateurs and public in general.

Today I'm still living in Buenos Aires with my wife Mariana and my daugther Martina.

My daugther Martina with her guitar

Ricardo Louzao, 2009.

Ricardo Louzao testing an original romantic guitar from Pablo Hierro, 1998.


To my parents, to Rodolfo Cucculelli, for teaching me the beautiful art of lutherie, to my family, Mariana and Martina, for their patience, to all who, in certain way, been my disciples, and meanwhile I was trying to show some knowledge, they support my several changes opinion about lutherie and guitars: understand I was learning and I will go on learning with you, today as colleagues; to all guitarists who made me think with their severals requests and contribution; to Benjamín Hachuel, for all his data contribution and his friendship, to German for his "patience" creation and maintance of this website; and finally, to all my customers, that without their valuable "contribution" wouldn´t be possible my exclusively dedication to this beautiful activity, I tried to put on each instrument I give, the same passion, and the same knowledge ...

¡¡¡ Thanks a lot !!!